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Freshman Courses–Fall 2017

ENGL 200
Literature in English
TTh 4:00 to 5:15                                                                                Chaloupka
Why does literature matter? What do literary texts do that other texts do not? How does reading literature help us see the world, each other, and ourselves in new ways? In this class, we will explore American, British, and world literature as we read short stories, poetry, plays, a novel, and a novella. We will learn what one can study in literature, how one can study literature, and why interpretations of literary texts often differ. We will also read examples of literary criticism and consider how one can make a persuasive argument about literature. Throughout the course, students will practice making their own arguments in several short essays. Students do not need to be English majors to enroll in the course. Non-majors are encouraged to enroll. Recommended preparation: Concurrent enrollment in ENGL 150 or USFS 100.

ENGL 203
Introduction to Creative Writing
MW 12:45 to 2:00                                                                              Weber
A course exploring basic issues and techniques of writing narrative prose and verse through exercises, analysis, and experiment. For students who wish to try their abilities across a spectrum of genres.

ENGL 204
Introduction to Journalism
TTh 5:30 to 6:45                                                                                Staff
Students will learn the basics of reporting and writing news stories, but also the traditions behind the craft and the evolving role of journalism in society. Instruction will include interviewing skills, fact-checking, word choice and story structure–all framed by guidance on making ethically sound decisions. Assignments could include stories from a variety of beats (business, entertainment, government, science), along with deadline stories and breaking news Web updates, profiles and obituaries.

ENGL 213
Introduction to Fiction Writing
M 4:25 to 6:55                                                                                    Umrigar
In this class you will learn to write short stories that are original, have a distinctive voice, crackle with wit and tension, that feature characters who are dynamic and unique, and who speak in realistic and interesting ways. We will focus on elements of writing such as character and plot development, point of view, sense of place and dialogue.  To this end, we will do many in-class and out-of-class writing exercises. You will learn to critique one another’s stories in a workshop format. This is also a reading-intensive class and there will be weekly readings.

ENGL 214
Introduction to Poetry Writing
W 4:25 to 6:55                                                                                   Lucas
In this course we will take the first steps in what often turns out to be a life’s work: the writing of a good poem.  For us this will mean learning to read poetry with attention to elements of craft, and to apply what we learn of those elements to our own poems.  Each week we will read and critique each other’s poems in a workshop setting. While these workshops will be the foundation of our course, students can also expect to engage in formal and informal writing exercises, to write short inquiries focusing on a particular poet or issue, to memorize and recite at least one poem, and to compile a final, revised portfolio with a critical introduction. No pre-requisite, and all students are welcome, especially those with little or no previous experience with poetry. Questions and concerns should be directed to Dave Lucas at


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