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Contributions to the Department of English provide critical support for our students’ academic pursuits and our faculty’s research activities. Some areas of particular need are:

1. The Center for the Study of Writing, which fosters innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship. Some specific needs within this program are:

  • Digital writing lab technology
  • Visiting Fellows Program
  • Travel fund
  • Annual conference on the history and theory of writing
  • Instructional-consultation award
  • Endowed faculty chair

 2. The Writing Resource Center, which provides supplemental, one-on-one, discipline-specific writing instruction to students of all levels at the university. Specific needs are:

  • More tutoring space – a new building or a larger room with furniture, technology and other accommodations for both students and faculty offices
  • A larger library area to house more resources
  • Travel and/or other research funds for Writing Resource Center faculty to go to conferences and perform other kinds of research on writing

 3. Scholarship support

  • for the Salomon Fund, which provides vital support to graduate students working on their dissertations
  • for the newly established Frederica Ward Memorial Scholarship Fund for undergraduate African-American students