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Contributions to the Department of English provide critical support for our students’ academic pursuits and our faculty’s research activities. Some areas of particular need are:

1. The Center for the Study of Writing, which fosters innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches to scholarship. Some specific needs within this program are:

Endowed faculty chair
Visiting Fellows Program
Annual conference on the history and theory of writing
Digital writing lab technology and maintenance
Travel fund
Instructional-consultation award
Annual Resource Center lecture


2. The Writing Resource Center, which provides supplemental, one-on-one, discipline-specific writing instruction to students of all levels at the university. Specific needs are:

More tutoring space – a new building or a larger room with furniture, technology and other accommodations for both students and faculty offices
Computer lab space within a larger tutoring space or classroom
A larger library area to house more resources
Travel and/or other research funds for Writing Resource Center faculty to go to conferences and perform other kinds of research on writing


3. The Salomon Fund, which provides vital support to graduate students working on their dissertations


4. Support for the newly established Frederica Ward Memorial Scholarship Fund for minority students