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Bachelor of Arts with Teacher Licensure in Integrated Language Arts

A special program is available that leads to the Bachelor of Arts and candidacy for licensure by the State of Ohio to teach Integrated Language Arts in grades 7-12 (Adolescents to Young Adults). The teaching credential is valid in Ohio and honored in many other states. The program consists of a more prescriptive form of the normal English major and a series of education courses that includes student teaching in a local school. (See the program description for Teacher Licensure in the University Bulletin.) Consult Denise K. Davis at for details about this program.

The subject area requirements for teacher licensure (42 credit hours) are as follows:

ENGL 150 Expository Writing 3
ENGL 200 Literature in English 3
ENGL 202 Advanced Expository Writing 3
ENGL 204 Introduction to Journalism 3
ENGL 300 English Literature to 1800 3
ENGL 302 English Literature Since 1800 3
ENGL 308 American Literature 3
ENGL 324 Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies 3
or ENGL 325 Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances
ENGL 368 Topics in Film 3
ENGL 380 Departmental Seminar 3
One of the following:
ENGL 301 Linguistic Analysis 3
or ENGL 379 Topics in Language Studies
or COSI 313 Language Development
Two of the following: 6
ENGL 270
Introduction to Gender Studies
African-American Literature
The Immigrant Experience
Topics in African-American Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
Recommended electives:
ENGL 203
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 213
Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL 214
Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL 303
Intermediate Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL 304
Intermediate Writing Workshop: Poetry
ENGL 310
History of the English Language
ENGL 392
Classroom Teaching


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