The Department of English offers a number of significant awards each year in essay writing, poetry, fiction, and academic achievement.

For some of the awards, one must be nominated by the department:

  • The Harriet Perkins Prize for an outstanding senior majoring in English
  • The Nemet scholarship(s) for Creative Writing.

For other awards, those stemming from various writing competitions, one must submit an entry. Announcements of each year’s prize competitions are available in the department office shortly before spring break; they are published in an awards booklet. The current prizes are:

  • The Karl Lemmerman Prize for the best essay by a first-year student
  • The Holden Prize for the best essay by an upper-division (sophomore, junior, or senior) student
  • The Finley Foster/Emily M. Hills Poetry Prize for the best poem or group of poems
  • The Emily M. Hills Award for the best poem or essay written by a woman in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • The Helen B. Sharnoff Award for poetry of some formal distinction
  • The Edith Garber Krotinger Prize for Creative Writing other than poetry
  • The Eleanor Leuser Award for outstanding writing for or about children by a student enrolled in a creative writing course