Prompt for Reflective Essay: My Life as an English Major – 3-5 pp.

There is no set format for this paper. However, it is a required part of the English major and a formal requirement of the College of Arts and Sciences for graduation. It has three functions: 1) it completes your “English major portfolio,” which began with the paper you wrote for ENGL 300; 2) it allows you to sum up your time in the English Department, allowing for some reflection on your personal experience; and 3) it gives us some feedback on the quality and variety of your experiences as a major. If you’re taking this course earlier than the semester immediately preceding graduation, you’ll have the opportunity to add something to it, if you wish.  Please provide this contextual information:

When you became an English major (the date, also your class year)
Your other majors, minors, if any
Whether English is your 1st or 2nd major
Your area of concentration within English, formally or informally
When you took ENGL 300 in your career as a major, and from whom

Prompts to get you started:
(in no particular order)
1. Why did you become an English major?
2. How was your experience with ENGL 300/302/308 (the survey courses)? How could these courses serve the major better?
3. Do you plan to go to graduate school in English? If so, where? Have you applied and/or been accepted? Where? Have you taken the GREs in English?
4. If you are not going to graduate school in English, how does being an English major serve your career/life goals?
5. Looking back, how could you have capitalized better on the courses and resources of the English Department? Is there some way that the department could have served you better?