A special program is available that leads to the Bachelor of Arts and candidacy for licensure by the State of Ohio to teach Integrated Language Arts in grades 7-12 (Adolescents to Young Adults). The teaching credential is valid in Ohio and honored in many other states. The program consists of a more prescriptive form of the normal English major and a series of education courses that includes student teaching in a local school. (See the program description for Teacher Licensure in the University Bulletin.) Consult Denise K. Davis at denise.k.davis@case.edu for details about this program.

The subject area requirements for teacher licensure (33 credit hours) are as follows:

ENGL 204 Introduction to Journalism 3
ENGL 300 English Literature to 1800 3
ENGL 302 English Literature Since 1800 3
ENGL 308 American Literature 3
ENGL 310 History of the English Language 3
ENGL 324 Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies 3
or ENGL 325 Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances
ENGL 368 Topics in Film 3
ENGL 380 Departmental Seminar 3
One of the following: 3
ENGL 301 Linguistic Analysis
or ENGL 379 Topics in Language Studies
or COSI 313 Language Development
Two of the following: 6
ENGL 270
Introduction to Gender Studies
African-American Literature
The Immigrant Experience
Topics in African-American Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
Recommended electives:
ENGL 203
Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 213
Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENGL 214
Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL 303
Intermediate Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL 304
Intermediate Writing Workshop: Poetry
ENGL 392
Classroom Teaching