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Department of English Newsletter: March 2014

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March 2014 Department of English Newsletter in this issue “What Are You Reading?”/Interview with Mary Turzillo (’70)/Faculty at Work/Kate Chopin Story Recovery/Restoring Art Digitally/Alumni News/Digital Grads/Breaking Genre Writers Conference/Gary’s Retirement Party March 2014 “What Are You Reading?” On Friday, January 17th, the spring Colloquium Series kicked off with a roundtable discussion of books read by […]

Department of English Newsletter: December 2013


in this issue Gary Stonum Tribute/Interview with Raymond Keen/Faculty Notes/New Faculty Spotlight:Vinter/Project: Revisiting History/Alumni News/Digital Grads/”Breaking Genre” Writers Conference/African American Alumni Association “The Thirst for New Ideas”: Gary Lee Stonum by James Sheeler Every year on the Sunday closest to Shakespeare’s birthday a small group of hikers gathers at a trailhead inside Cuyahoga Valley National […]

Department of English Newsletter: September 2013

Zena Zipporah

In this issue:

Interview with Zipporah/”What Are You Reading?”/Faculty Notes/Interview with Kichner/Ongoing Projects: Ricca/Alumni News/Graduate Blog/Evil Conference

Department of English Newsletter: June 2013

Interview with Rectenwald/James Joyce and Corporate Management/Faculty Notes/Seremba’s Master Class/Interview with Sanga/Alumni News/Writers Conference

Department of English Newsletter: March 2013

James E. Long

In this issue:

Walk on the Wild Side/A Writer’s Dream/Faculty Notes/Ongoing Projects/Alumni News//Writing Week Events/Writers Conference