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Department of English Newsletter: June 2014

Kurt Award

June 2014

Department of English Newsletter

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Pinsky Visit to Guilford/Faculty Notes/Adventures at the Intersection/Alumni News/Evil Conference

June 2014

Notes on Robert Pinsky’s Visit to CWRU
By Thom Dawkins
On April 8th, the English Department at Case Western Reserve University welcomed Robert Pinsky, the former Unites States Poet Laureate and founder of the very popular Favorite Poems Project, which has been “dedicated to celebrating, documenting and encouraging poetry’s role in Americans’ lives.” Joined by CWRU faculty, [...Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: March 2014

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March 2014

Department of English Newsletter

in this issue
“What Are You Reading?”/Interview with Mary Turzillo (’70)/Faculty at Work/Kate Chopin Story Recovery/Restoring Art Digitally/Alumni News/Digital Grads/Breaking Genre Writers Conference/Gary’s Retirement Party

March 2014

“What Are You Reading?”

On Friday, January 17th, the
spring Colloquium Series kicked off with a roundtable discussion of books read by
department members. The roundtable, moderated by Megan Swihart
Jewell, featured Jim Sheeler, Marie Lathers, Paul Jaussen, Kristin Kondrlik, [...Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: December 2013


in this issue
Gary Stonum Tribute/Interview with Raymond Keen/Faculty Notes/New Faculty Spotlight:Vinter/Project: Revisiting History/Alumni News/Digital Grads/”Breaking Genre” Writers Conference/African American Alumni Association

“The Thirst for New Ideas”:
Gary Lee Stonum
by James Sheeler
Every year on the Sunday closest to Shakespeare’s birthday a small group of hikers gathers at a trailhead inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. They look to the man who organized it all, and — like so many students before them — wait for the poetry to begin. [...Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: September 2013

Zena Zipporah

In this issue:

Interview with Zipporah/”What Are You Reading?”/Faculty Notes/Interview with Kichner/Ongoing Projects: Ricca/Alumni News/Graduate Blog/Evil Conference

Department of English Newsletter: June 2013

Interview with Rectenwald/James Joyce and Corporate Management/Faculty Notes/Seremba’s Master Class/Interview with Sanga/Alumni News/Writers Conference