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Department of English Newsletter: June 2015

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Grad Student Awards Ceremony/Faculty Notes/Ongoing Projects:William Rogers/Alumni News/Graduation 2015

June 2015
English Graduate Student Awards Ceremony

On April 28th, the following awards were presented:
Adrian/Salomon Dissertation Fellowship:
Eric Earnhardt, fourth-year PhD
Cara Byrne, fourth-year PhD
Macintyre Essay Prize:
Eric Earnhardt, fourth-year PhD
Calhoun Poetry Prize:
Cammy Sray, […Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: March 2015

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“What Are You Reading?”/Interview with Gerry Canavan (’02)/Faculty Notes/”Respect the Book”/Alumni News/Schedule of Events

“What Are You Reading?”

Martha Woodmansee: The Great Escape
I’ve decided to tell you about my recreational, my purely escapist reading in 2014. It was precipitated by the virtual demise of the Plain Dealer. Deprived of the Sunday PD’s “TV-guide,” I wasn’t able to identify evening TV programs I might want to watch (on the five channels enabled by my very basic cable plan), […Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: December 2014

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Interview with Laura Adiletta (’08)/World of Sound/Interview with John Vourlis (’88)/Faculty Notes/art/sci’s Dixon Long article/Play. Speak.–The Monologue/Perks of Being a Generalist/Alumni News/Ongoing Projects: Kristin Kondrlik/EGSA News/Scrapbook

Interview with Laura Adiletta (’08)

1.  How did EatloCLE, your subscription meal plan service come to be? What made you think that Cleveland was ready for this kind of hip/responsive food service—concerned with the local food movement as well as taste and health? […Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: September 2014

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Department of English Newsletter

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“What Are You Reading?”/Faculty Notes/Steinem on Campus/Alumni News/Ongoing Projects: Kristine Kelly


“What Are You Reading?”
Kristina Collins:
I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura
In this graphic novel, heroine Barbara Thorson stands between two realities: in one, she is a geeky, deviant fifth-grader powerless to stop the pall of terminal illness hanging over her house, […Read more]

Department of English Newsletter: June 2014

Kurt Award

Department of English Newsletter

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Pinsky Visit to Guilford/Faculty Notes/Adventures at the Intersection/Alumni News/Evil Conference

June 2014

Notes on Robert Pinsky’s Visit to CWRU
By Thom Dawkins
On April 8th, the English Department at Case Western Reserve University welcomed Robert Pinsky, the former Unites States Poet Laureate and founder of the very popular Favorite Poems Project, which has been “dedicated to celebrating, documenting and encouraging poetry’s role in Americans’ lives.” Joined by CWRU faculty, […Read more]