Spadoni class

The flexibility of the undergraduate major allows students to specialize their studies based on their passions—from classic literature to graphic novels, from poetry to journalism—while exposing them to genres and works they may not have previously considered. The department also offers an English major with a concentration in film and minors in English, film, and creative writing.

Program Mission Statement

Dedicated to the intellectual curiosity, analytical dexterity, and creative thinking of its students, the Bachelor’s degree in English at CWRU fosters reading, writing, and media skills through a broad selection of seminars and research. Our undergraduates combine the study of English and American literature, exploring the craft of poetry, Shakespearean drama, science fiction, the techniques of horror films, the rhetoric of medicine, and the dynamics of novels, plays, short stories, and creative non-fiction.

There is no better major for our undergraduates to learn the art of communication than a Bachelor’s degree in English. In addition to being a stand-alone major, English effectively complements many other disciplines and serves as excellent preparation for law school, medical school, and business school.

The works our undergraduates study challenge them with different values, ideas, and perspectives, and professors teaching English majors are committed to free and open debate in a context of tolerance and respect.

Upon completion of the BA in English, students will be able to demonstrate the following Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  • PSLO 1: Research
    Conduct disciplinary-appropriate research using primary and secondary sources
  • PSLO 2: Literary Analysis
    Analyze and interpret literary texts, visuals, and other media to develop critical positions of one’s own
  • PSLO 3: Writing
    Write in clear and effective prose to construct a focused, well-organized argument
  • PSLO 4: Disciplinary Knowledge
    Demonstrate knowledge of the major texts and traditions of English studies in their social, cultural, and historical contexts
  • PSLO 5: Values & Perspectives
    Engage in respectful and tolerant debate about different values, ideas, and perspectives

For more information, contact Kurt Koenigsberger, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at 216.368.6994 or