Philip Derbesy (PhD)
Reading Cinematic Allusions in the Post-1945 American Novel
(Marling [dir.], Flint, Spadoni, Goldmark [Music])

Daniel Luttrull (PhD)
Solidarity through Vacancy: Didactic Strategies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
(Clune [dir.], Stonum, Vrettos)

Michael Chiappini (PhD)
Beyond Memorialization: Rhetoric, Aesthetics, and AIDS Literature
(Fountain [dir], Clune, Emmons

Thom Dawkins (PhD)
Rejoice in Tribulations: The Afflictive Poetics of Early Modern Religious Poetry
(Flint [dir], Vinter, Olbricht)

Melissa Pompili (PhD)
Uncomfortable Subjects: Bioaffective Attachments, Aesthetic Remainders, and the Making of a Physician
(Emmons [dir], Fountain, Vinter)

Megan Weber (PhD)
Patriarchal Tyrants and Female Bodies: Ekphrasis in Drama and the Novel in England, 1609-1798
(Flint [dir], Vinter, Fountain)

Evan Chaloupka (PhD)
Cognitive Disability and Narrative
(Marling [dir.]; Emmons; Vrettos)

Megan Griffin (PhD)
Fictions of Sovereignty: Temporal Displacements of the Monarch in Shakespeare, Milton, and Behn
(Vinter [dir.]; Flint; Olbricht)

Michelle Lyons-McFarland (PhD)
Literary Objects in Eighteenth-Century British Literature
(Flint [dir.]; Siebenschuh; Vrettos)

Marcus Mitchell (PhD)
Forms Unconfined: Muscular Women, Physical Culture, and Victorian Literature
(Vrettos [dir.]; Flint; Koenigsberger)

Ray Horton (PhD)
American Literature’s Secular Faith

(Clune [dir.], Gridley, Marling)

Jessica Slentz (PhD)
Yes, You May Touch the Art: New Media Interfaces and Rhetorical Experience in the Digitally Interactive Museum

(Fountain [dir.], Emmons, Koenigsberger)

Kate Dunning Allen (PhD)
Mobial Corporeality in W. S. Merwin’s Ecopoetic Corpus
(Stonum [dir.], Clune, Gridley)

Andrew Banghart (PhD)
Escaping the Real: Popularizing Science and Literary Realism in the Victorian Marketplace
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Oakley, Vrettos)

Cara Byrne (PhD)
Illustrating the Smallest Black Bodies: The Creation of Childhood in African-American Children’s Literature, 1836-2015
(Umrigar [dir.], Fountain, Grimm)

Eric Earnhardt (PhD)
The “Sentient Plume”: The Theory of the Pathetic Fallacy in Anglo-American Poetry, 1856-1945
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Clune, Gridley)

Catherine Forsa (PhD)
Science as Aesthetic Device in Nineteenth-Century American Literature

(Clune [dir], Marling, Vrettos)

Kristin Kondrlik (PhD)
(Re)Writing Professional Ethos: Women Physicians and the Construction of Medical Authority in Victorian and Edwardian Print
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Emmons, Fountain, Vrettos)

Michael G. Parker (PhD)
Queer Orientation in Twentieth-Century American Literature
(Fountain [dir.], Clune, Grimm)

Jonathan Scott Weedon (PhD)
Attending Like an Engineer: Rhetoric, Design, and Professionalization
(Fountain [dir.], Emmons, Oakley)

Monica Orlando (PhD)
Relational Representation: Constructing Narratives and Identities in Auto/Biography about Autism
(Emmons [dir.], Clune, Siebenschuh)

Mary Assad (PhD)
Gender, Illness, and Narrative: A Rhetorical Study of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Campaign
(Fountain [dir.], Emmons, Grimm)

Jason Ray Carney (PhD)
The Shadow Modernism of Weird Tales: Experimental Pulp Fiction in the Age of Modernist Reflection
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Clune, Grimm)

Nicole Marie Emmelhainz-Carney (PhD)
Writing Games: Collaborative Writing in Digital-Ludic Spaces
(Emmons [dir.], Fountain, Gridley)

Jennie Giaconia Young (PhD)
(The) Student Body/ies: Cultural Paranoia and Embodiment in the American High School
(Emmons [dir.], Fountain, Sheeler)

Robert Welling Addington (PhD)
Discipline and Publish: Creative Writing Programs, Literary Markets and the Short Story Renaissance
(Stonum [dir.], Clune, Flint)

Michael Moss (PhD)
Rhetoric and Time: Cognition, Culture, and Interaction
(Oakley [dir.], Fountain, Sheeler)

Daniel Paul Anderson Jr. (PhD)
The Ivory Shtetl: The University and the Postwar Jewish Imagination
(Oster [dir.], Clune, Spadoni)

Natalija Grgorinic (PhD)
Recounting the Author
(Stonum [dir.], Flint, Umrigar)

Tasia Hane-Devore (PhD)
Constructed Bodies, Edited Deaths: The Negotiation of Sociomedical Discourse in Autothanatographers’ Writing of Terminal Illness
(Emmons [dir.], Koenigsberger, Umrigar)

Irene Moody (PhD)
Lexicons in Lace: The Language of Dress in the New Woman Novel
(Siebenschuh [dir.], Fountain, Koenigsberger)

Christine Mueri (PhD)
“Defined not by time, but by mood”: First-Person Narratives of Bipolar Disorder
(Emmons [dir.], Koenigsberger, Oakley)

Danielle Nielsen (PhD)
Reading the Empire from Afar: From Colonial Spectacles to Colonial Literacies
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Emmons, Vrettos)

Anne Ryan (PhD)
Victorian Fiction and the Psychology of Self-Control, 1855-1885
(Vrettos [dir.], Flint, Siebenschuh)

Iris Jamahl Dunkle (PhD)
Shaking the Burning Birch Tree: Amy Lowell’s Sapphic Modernism
(Oster [dir.], Grimm, Stonum)

Asdghig Karajayerlian (PhD)
Large Worlds/Small Places: Critical Cosmopolitanism and Stereoscopic Vision in the Global Postcolonial Novel
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Marling, Umrigar)

Jamie Lynn McDaniel (PhD)
Trespassing Women: Representations of Property and Identity in British Women’s Writing 1925-2005
(Koenigsberger [dir.], Grimm, Stonum)

Brandy L. Schillace (PhD)
“The Alphabet of Sense”: Rediscovering the Rhetoric of Women’s Intellectual Liberty
(Flint [dir.], Siebenschuh, Vrettos)

Chalet K. Seidel (PhD)
Representations of Journalistic Professionalism:1865-1900
(Emmons [dir.], Stonum, Umrigar)

Jason Todd Stuart (PhD)
The Disciplinary Rhetoric of the Twenty-First Century: The Emergence of Computers and Composition
(Emmons [dir.], Fountain, Oakley)

Ronald Jerome Tulley (PhD)
An Exhibitionist’s Paradise: Digital Transformations of the Autobiographical Impulse
(Siebenschuh [dir.], Emmons, Fountain)

Jafeen S. Ilmudeen (MA)

Kenneth W. McGraw (PhD)
Dangerous Discourse: Language and Sex between Men in Eighteenth-Century London
(Flint [dir.], Emmons, Meakin)

Naomi Igarashi Takagi (PhD)
Flow Theory: Conscious Experience in Expository Argumentative Writing
(Oakley [dir.], Emmons, Oster)

Kathryn Elizabeth Anderson (MA)
“These were the things that bounded me”: a New Examination of Millay’s Dramatic Works”

Jason B. Barone (MA)
The Search for the Jungian Stranger in the Novels of Haruki Murakami

Katherine Hansen Clark (PhD)
What is a Cozy?

Heather J. Kichner (PhD)
Cemetery Plots from Victoria to Verdun: Literary Representations of Epitaph and Burial from the Nineteenth Century through the Great War

Christopher Mays (MA)
The Failure to Meet “the Challenge of Our Time”: the Demise of Bill Clinton’s Plan for Universal Health Care

Jenifer Lynn Wolkowski (PhD)
Ideas of Community in Three Depression-era Southern Novels: Faulkner’s The Hamlet, Dargan’s Call Home the Heart, and Still’s River of Earth

Daniel Anderson (MA)
Plato’s Complaint: Nathan Zuckerman, the University of Chicago, and Philip Roth’s Neo-Aristotelian Poetics

Barbara Burgess-Van Aken (PhD)
Barbara Torelli’s Partenia: A Bilingual Critical Edition

Erin Monroe (MA)
Terminal: A Collection of Poetry

Gabriel Rieger (PhD)
Penetrating Wit: Sexual Language and Satiric Tragedy

Elizabeth Sirkin (PhD)
Popular Images and Cosmopolitan Mediation: Mass Media and Western Pop Culture in the Anglophone South Asian Novel

Brian Ballentine (PhD)
Toward a Rhetoric of Engineering: Explorations in the Practices of Engineers and the Implications for the Teaching of Technical Communication

Darcy Brandel (PhD)
If I Had a Hammer: Rereading Female Experimental Writing in the Context of Progressive Social Change

Narcisz Fejes (PhD)
Absorbing East-Central Europe: Representations of the Region in Modern British Literature

Veeneenea Erika Smith (PhD)
Dinna Forget Spurgeon: A Literary Biography

Maria Assif (Ph.D.)
Mother-daughter Relationships in Asian and Jewish American Literatures: Story(ing) Identities

Kristine Kelly (PhD)
A Place For Everyone: Nineteenth-Century Narratives of Emigration and Settlement

Leigh Fabens (PhD)
Dreams amd Death in the Novels by James Welch, Tim O’Brien, and Ron Arias: A Cognitive Approach

Katherine Kickel (PhD)
Novel Notions: Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Mapping of the Imagination

Traci Arnett Pipkins (PhD)
“Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read”: The Revolution in Reading Scripture in Seventeenth-century England

Bradley Ricca (PD)
American Zodiac: Astronomical Signs in Dickinson, Melville, and Poe

Carrie Shanafelt (MA)
Fielding on Fielding: Rhetoric of Authenticity in the Prose Fiction of Henry Fielding

Brenda Smith (PhD)
The Construction of Bi-Cultural Subjectivity in African-American Autobiography

Maria Assif (MA)
Kristeva’s Reading of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury in Search of Caddy’s Voice

Christina Hebebrand (PhD)
“We Are the People”-Native American and Chicano/a Literatures as Intersecting Indigenous Literatures of the American Southwest

Lydia Kosc (MA)
The Birth of Fiction: Interfaith Relationships in the Novels of Philip Roth

Amy Magnus (PhD)
Leaving Tracks: The Legacy of Chippewa History in the Novels of Louise Erdrich

Paula Makris (PhD)
Colonial Education and Cultural Inheritance: Caribbean Literature and the Classics

Christopher Stewart (PhD)
In Paths Untrodden: Queer Spiritual Autobiography

Jennifer Swartz (PhD)
“The Very Being or Legal Existence of the Woman is Suspended”: Law, Literature, and the Middle-Class Victorian Woman

Naomi Igarashi (MA)
User-Friendly Web Design: An Application of Principles to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Web Site

Amy Kesegich (PhD)
Pilgrim in Progress: The Works of Annie Dillard as Spiritual Autobiography

Dian Killian (PhD)
The Nation’s Other: Ideology, Repression, and Resistance in Irish Emigrant Discourse

Kathy Miller (MA)
The Push Toward Meaning and Bi-cultural Understanding: The Writer/Reader Relationship in Maxine Hong Kingston’s Woman Warrior

Kristen Olson (PhD)
The “Soul’s Imaginary Sight”: Visuality and Mimesis in Early Modern Poetics

Brian Reed (PhD)
Wrestling Sensibility: Male Anxiety, Sentimentality, and British Eighteenth-Century Narrative.

Saad Asswailim (PhD)
Myth, Ideology and Silence in Three Novels by Vance Bourjaily

Kristin Bryant (PhD)
Constructed Identities and the Interior Self: A Reading of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando: A Biography

Anna Cole (PhD)
Jonathan Swift Telling His Own Story: Book IV of Gulliver’s Travels as Autobiography

Maryanne Cole (PhD)
Voices of Travail: Autobiographical Journey Narratives by English Sectarian Women, 1641-1700.

Francesca Giusti (MA)
Ludovico Domenichi’s La Stampa: Printing, Editing, Plagiarism and Authorship in an Italian Renaissance Dialogue

Yonjae Jung (PhD)
“The Most Inseparable of Companions”: Lacan(-izing) Freud (-ianized) Poe

Moonsoon Kang (PhD)
Satire as “a Sword in the Hands of a Mad Man” and “that Art of Necessary Defence”: A Study of Madness and Satire in Swift and Johnson

Carla Kungl (PhD)
Women Writers and Detectives: Creating Authority in British Women’s Detective Fiction 1890-1940

Jerome McKeever (PhD)
The McCarey Touch: The Life and Films of Leo McCarey

Michelle Smith (MA)
Liris A Novella

James Wynn (MA)
A Cognitive Approach to Prepositional Usage in English as a Second Language Acquisition

Maimu Alber (MA)
Traveling at the Speed of Darkness

.Jeffrey Morgan (PhD)
Developing a Feminine Pastoral: Sarah Orne Jewett’s The Country of the Pointed Firs

Richard Van Noy (PhD)
Surveying the Interior: Literary Cartographers and the Sense of Place

Jeffry Schantz (PhD)
Shaping Captivity: Transformations of the Indian Captivity Narrative from the 17th through the 19th Century