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Minor in Creative Writing

Required: 15 credit hours

Students will take courses in 2 genres—poetry and fiction— and will be required to have an intro/intermediate sequence in one of those genres (e.g., ENGL 213 and ENGL 303, in the case of a fiction sequence; or ENGL 214 and 304, in the case of a poetry sequence). Students are encouraged to sample creative writing genres in ENGL 203 as a means of deciding whether to pursue a minor, and in what genre. ENGL 203 cannot count as part of a genre-specific sequence, but can count towards the 9 credits required in creative writing courses.


  • 15 credit hours
  • 9 credit hours in creative writing courses (at least 6 hours in one genre)
  • 6 credit hours in literature classes
  • A creative writing portfolio

For the literature requirement, a student should take two 300-level classes; at least one of these classes should match their dominant genre.

These courses may be in other disciplines if crosslisted with English (e.g., World Lit). Up to six credits may count toward either the English major or another minor (but not both).

The Portfolio

We require the assembly of a creative writing portfolio as the cornerstone of a student’s academic and post-academic career. It would include

  • A selection of the student’s best creative work at CWRU.
  • A critical introduction in which the student reflects on her/his progress through the CW minor, giving a critical context to the work, citing the primary and secondary texts and creative models that were important along the way.

Sample Genre Tracks

Poetry Track:

ENGL 214 (Intro to Poetry Writing)

ENGL 304 (Intermediate Writing Workshop: Poetry)

ENGL 312 (Chaucer)

ENGL 373 (Studies in Poetry)

Fiction Track:

ENGL 213 (Intro to Fiction Writing)

ENGL 303 (Intermediate Writing Workshop: Fiction)

ENGL 330 (Victorian Literature)

ENGL 372 (Studies in the Novel)