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Name Title Email Phone
Michael W. Clune Associate Professor 216.368.2371
Kimberly Emmons Associate Professor 216.368.6924
Christopher Flint Associate Professor 216.368.3342
T. Kenny Fountain Associate Professor 216.368.2359
Sarah Gridley Associate Professor 216 368 0854
Mary Grimm Chair, and Associate Professor 216.368.2355
Megan Swihart Jewell Instructor 216.368.3799
Hee-Seung Kang Instructor 216.368.1890
Kurt Koenigsberger Associate Professor 216.368.6994
William Marling Professor 216.368.2342
Marilyn Mobley Professor, and Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Erika Olbricht Instructor 216.368.2362
John Orlock The Samuel B. and Virginia C. Knight Professor of Humanities 216.368.5923
Jim Sheeler The Shirley Wormser Professor of Journalism and Media Writing 216.368.2372
William Siebenschuh The Oviatt Professor of English 216.368.2364
Robert Spadoni Associate Professor 216.368.6881
Thrity Umrigar Professor 216.368.3374
Maggie Vinter Assistant Professor 216.368.2367
Athena Vrettos Associate Professor 216.368.2344
Martha Woodmansee Professor 216.368.2176

Other appointments

Name Title Email Phone
Robert Addington Full-time Lecturer
Mary Assad Full-time Lecturer 368-2337
Barbara Burgess-Van Aken Full-time Lecturer
Joseph Cheatle Full-time Lecturer 368-2356
Eric Chilton Full-time Lecturer
Ana Codita Full-time Lecturer 368-2337
Joseph DeLong Full-time Lecturer
Gusztav Demeter Full-time Lecturer
Scott Dill Full-time Lecturer 368-2356
William Doll Part-time Lecturer
Susan Dominguez Full-time Lecturer
Malcah Effron Full-time Lecturer
Robin Evans Full-time Lecturer 368-2365
Matthew Feinberg Full-time Lecturer 368-2370
Narcisz Fejes Full-time Lecturer
Tasia Hane-Devore Full-time Lecturer
John Higgins Full-time Lecturer 368-2365
Joshua Hoeynck Full-time Lecturer
Michael Householder Adjunct Instructor
Denna Iammarino Full-time Lecturer
Kristine Kelly Full-time Lecturer
David Lucas Full-time Lecturer 368-2370
Suhaan Mehta Full-time Lecturer
Gabrielle Parkin Full-time Lecturer 368-2357
Annie Pecastaings Full-time Lecturer
Bradley Ricca Full-time Lecturer
Martha Schaffer Full-time Lecturer 368-2357
Judit Simo Full-time Lecturer
William Youngman Full-time Lecturer 368-2365


Name Title Email Phone
Suzanne Ferguson Samuel B. and Virginia C. Knight Professor Emerita of Humanities
Louis Giannetti Professor Emeritus of English
Judith Oster Professor Emerita of English
P. K. Saha Associate Professor Emeritus of English
Roger Salomon Oviatt Professor Emeritus of English
Gary Lee Stonum Oviatt Professor Emeritus of English


Name Title Email Phone
Susan Grimm Secretary 216.368.1508
Latricia Robinson-Allen Department Assistant 216.368.2340