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Michael Clune

Writing Against Time
“‘Whatever Charms Is Alien’: John Ashberry’s Everything” from Criticism
“Orwell and the Obvious” from Representations

Kimberly Emmons

Black Dogs and Blue Words: Depression and Gender in the Age of Self-Care
“All on the List: Uptake in Talk about Depression”
“Rethinking Genres of Reflection: Student Portfolio Cover Letters”

Chris Flint

“The Eighteenth-Century Novel and Print Culture: A Proposed Modesty” from A Companion to the Eighteenth-Century English Novel and Culture
“‘The Family Piece’: Oliver Goldsmith and the Politics of the Everyday in Eighteenth-Century Domestic Portraiture” from Eighteenth-Century Studies
“Speaking Objects: The Circulation of Stories in Eighteenth-Century Prose Fiction” from P.M.L.A.

T. Kenny Fountain

“Anatomy Education and the Observational-Embodied Look” from Medicine Studies

Sarah Gridley

Weather Eye Open
Green is the Orator
“March Hares and Wild Trout: Against the Domestication of Poetry” in Poets on Teaching: a Sourcebook (University of Iowa, 2010)
“Slash” in A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line (University of Iowa Press, 2011)

Mary Grimm

“On Not Having Cleaned the House” Winner of the Annie Dillard Award for Creative Non-Fiction from The Bellingham Review 
“The Queen of Hell” from Mid-American Review 

Megan Swihart Jewell

“Between Poet and (Self-)Critic: Scholarly Interventionism in Rachel Blau DuPlessis’s Drafts” from Contemporary Women’s Writing 

Kurt Koenigsberger

The Novel and the Menagerie
“Elephants in the Labyrinth of Empire” 

William Marling

“The Formal Ideologme” from Semiotica
“Vision and Putrescence: Edogawa Rampo Rereading Edgar Allan Poe” from Poe Studies / Dark Romance
“The Parable of the Prodigal Son: An Economic Reading” from Style
“From Roman Noir to Film Noir” Chapter Six of The American Roman Noir
“W.S. Merwin: Proflic Publisher” from Arizona Quarterly

Todd Oakley

“Blending Basics” with Seana Coulson, from Cognitive Linguistics
“Toward a General Theory of the Film Spectator” from Almen Semiotik

William Siebenschuh

“Cognitive Processes and Autobiographical Acts” from Biography
“Hardy and the Imagery of Place” from SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900

Robert Spadoni

Uncanny Bodies: the Coming of Sound Film and the Origins of the Horror Genre
“Old Times in Werewolf of London from The Journal of Film and Video
The Old Dark House and the Space of Attraction” from Cinémas
“Strange Botany in Werewolf of London from Horror Studies 
“The Figure Seen from the Rear, Vitagraph, and the Development of Shot/Reverse Shot” from Film History
“The Uncanny Body of Early Sound Film” from The Velvet Light Trap

Thrity Umrigar

The Story Hour: A Novel (Fall 2014)
The World We Found: A Novel
The Weight of Heaven: A Novel
If Today Be Sweet: A Novel
First Darling of the Morning: A Memoir
The Space Between Us: A Novel
Bombay Time: A Novel

Athena Vrettos

“Defining Habits: Dickens and the Psychology of Repetition” from Victorian Studies
“Dying Twice: Victorian Theories of Deja Vu” from Disciplinarity at the Fin de Siecle