Hee-Seung Kang



Guilford House 219

Other Information

Degree: PhD, MA, University of Washington

I received my MA in Teaching English as a Second Language and PhD in English from the University of Washington. In Fall 2011, I joined the English Department at Case Western Reserve University where I currently serve as the Director of the SAGES ESL Program.

The goal of the ESL Program is to support multilingual students’ academic literacy development and second language acquisition through ESL curriculum and support programs on campus. The ESL Program also strives to provide sustained support for multilingual students, create a bi-directional ESL program, and collaborate with other administrative and academic departments.

In teaching SAGES seminars on language, diversity, and multilingualism, I primarily explore three questions: How is language used from a broad social, cultural and historical context in a diverse range of communities? How does language shape both public and private identities? What are some of the benefits and costs of a multilingual society? This year, I will be leading a multi-session ESL certification workshop for graduate students.

My research interests include theory and pedagogy of second language writing (ESL composition), sociocultural approaches to language acquisition, theory and pedagogy of second/foreign language teaching, qualitative research methods, and teacher education.

To support and empower multilingual students, the ESL Program works collaboratively with other administrative and academic departments. Please contact me with questions or concerns about learning and teaching English as a Second Language.