Sarah Bania-Dobyns

Full-time Lecturer


Sarah Bania-Dobyns received her PhD from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Her research has its foundations in the late medieval European world, understood by historians as the long Reformation period (fifteenth-sixteenth centuries). In particular, she is interested in the constitutive ideas, texts, and artifacts that contributed to making late medieval international society. In addition, she is interested in how historians shape modern readers’ understandings of the past according to their historical periodization and narrative choices. These questions inform her current work-in-progress, a fictional historical account of the life of Jan Hus, a long-Reformation era priest and theologian. She also has a forthcoming article in the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning. Prior to coming to Case, she taught in the fields of political science, history, religious studies, and in interdisciplinary, general education programs. In all her classes, she incorporates writing intensive approaches to teach students how to think and interact within the conversations of their respective fields.