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William Marling studies and teaches American and World Literature.  He has written six books and over 50 articles on subjects ranging from Poe, Hawthorne, and Fitzgerald, to Marcel Duchamp’s influence on William Carlos Williams.  He has written about “putrescence,” the semiotics of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, cell phones in films, film noir, globalization, the detective novel, and translation theory.  His scholarship has been published in French, Spanish, Japanese, and Estonian.  Twice a Fulbright Professor (Spain 1983, Austria 1994), he was awarded the Edward Said Chair at American University of Beirut (2008), the Bryant Drake Chair at Kobe College (2000) and the French Ministry of Education Professorship twice (Université d’Avignon, 1998, 2001).  A pioneer in the academic use of computers (since 1979), Marling is creator of two websites nominated for awards: “Modernism: The American Salons” (http://www.case.edu/artsci/engl/VSALM/mod/index.html) and “Detective Novels” (www.detnovel.com) .

Before becoming an academic, Marling was an award-winning journalist who worked for The  Salt Lake Tribune, UPI, The Richmond News Leader, KCPX-TV (Salt Lake City) and then moved to New York City to write for Fortune and Money. His free-lance work has appeared in Mountain Gazette, Harper’s, The Wall Street Journal, Cleveland Magazine, Northern Ohio Live, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Marling has received over $500,000 in grants from the N.E.H., the Soros Foundation,  the Nord Foundation,  the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, and the Consolidated Natural Gas Foundation.

He is married to the Gender Studies/ American Studies scholar Raili Marling, Chair of the English Department at the University of Tartu, Estonia.


Gatekeepers: The Emergence of World Literature and the 1960s (Oxford University Press, April 2016)

How ‘American’ is Globalization? Johns Hopkins UP, 2006.  (paperback 2008)

The American Roman Noir.  University of Georgia Press, 1995. (paperback 2000)

Raymond Chandler.  MacMillan & Co., 1986.

Dashiell Hammett.  MacMillan & Co., 1983.

William Carlos Williams and the Painters, Ohio U. P. 1982.

 Selected Articles:

 “Crime Fiction and Film Noir,” Blackwell Companion to Film Noir, 2013.

“Suur Gatsby: glamour ja klassipingid” and “Amerika karakteri analuus,” Eesti Ekspree,  2013.

“The Americanization of the Child Soldier Narrative,” Lagos Notes and Records, 2012

“City of Sleuths,” Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Los Angeles, 2010.

“Mobile Phones as Narrative Tropes,” Journal of Popular Film and Television, 2008.

“Vision and Putrescence:  Edogawa Rampo Re-reading Edgar Allan Poe,” Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism,  2003.

“Paul Auster and the American Romantics,” L.I.T.: Literature, Interpretation, Theory, 1997.

“Le Fanshawe d’Hawthorne: la filiation avouee d’Auster,” L’ouvre de Paul Auster.

“The Formal Ideologeme,” Semiotica, 1994.

“The Parable of the Prodigal Son: An Economic Reading,” Style, 1993.

“The Relation Between American Roman Noir and Film Noir,” Literature/Film Quarterly 1993.

“James M. Cain’s Tiger Woman,” L.I.T: Literature, Interpretation, Theory, 1993.

“Sight and Sensuality in the Poems of Williams Carlos Williams,” Twentieth Century Literature, 1989.

“Grading Writing On Microcomputers,” College English, 1984.



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