For 2024, scholarships will be awarded up to a maximum of $2,000, based on the nature of the internship position and the quality of the application.


To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicants must:

  • Be an undergraduate at CWRU (including those graduating in Spring 2024). Preference is given to English majors.
  • Submit all of the application components (below) prior to the deadline.


Applications must be submitted to by May 17, 2024. To apply, you must submit this cover sheet along with ALL of the following:





1)  SHORT ESSAY (5 paragraphs) that describes the internship opportunity and explains why it is important to you. Each of the five paragraphs should address, respectively:

  • The basic details of the internship, including:

The title or role for which you have received an offer;

The name and city of the employer that you have received the offer from;

Your start and end dates for the internship; and

The number of hours that will be worked per week.

  • The tasks and responsibilities that you will have as an intern, and the skills that you expect to learn in that role.
  • How your major, coursework, and/or extracurricular activities at CWRU have prepared you for this work experience.

How the internship supports your post-graduation and career goals.

  • a  summary of your financial need, including:

The amount requested from the Scholarship Fund (up to a maximum request amount of $2,000.00 USD)

  •  Other income and resources you will use as support during the internship

2)  YOUR BUDGET (see a sample budget below)

3)  YOUR RESUME (learn how to write a resume here)

4)  A COPY OF THE OFFER LETTER that you received from the employer/organization you want to work for


Use the information below as a guide to create your budget and statement of financial need. The funding is designed to offset some of the expenses related to the internship experiences. Allowable expenses include travel, transportation, housing, utilities and food. The budget should provide an honest, thorough, and well-considered account of researched projected expenses.


Funds you or your family can contribute to the related expenses, and other funds you may receive.

  • Personal savings/family contribution $150.00
  • Pittsburgh Rotary Club Award $250.00

 Total PROJECTED INCOME                               $400.00


Expenses you have researched and expect to incur while participating in the internship experience, such as travel, accommodations, meals, etc.

  • Projected and researched return flight, Pittsburgh to Chicago (American Airlines)                                                             $230.00
  • Rent (Sublet in Chicago) $900.00 ($300 per month x 3 months)
  • Food $600.00 ($75 per week for groceries x 8 weeks)
  • Train Pass                         $170.00

TOTAL PROJECTED EXPENSES                       $1,900.00