What drew you to English as an area of interest?

English is something that I think I’ve always known was an integral part of me. My family likes to joke that, from a very young age, I was known to tell lots of “stories.” Essentially, I was a chronically lying child (white lies only!), but that’s okay because this “storytelling” ability turned into a deep love for creative writing. I was also the little kid walking around with my nose in a book and my love for reading has never diminished. In fact, it’s broadened. Literature electives in high school showed me that I not only care about the adventures of Percy Jackson, but I also appreciate the emotions of classic literature. Reading and writing are my safe space and an English Major was always something I hoped to be able to do. From the moment I took my first English elective during my first semester at CWRU, I knew that I would be declaring an English Major as soon as I could. I closely followed up by adding a double major in Cognitive Science, and I am in love with the cross-section of these two majors as I delve more into linguistics. Every interaction I have with the English department is full of joy and positivity, and each class I take reminds me of why English is so important for life in addition to learning, communicating, and growing as human beings.

What is it like being an English major at Case in particular, with its perceived focus on the sciences?

I adore being an English major at CWRU, especially as I straddle the schools of Art, Social Science and STEM. Although there is always the friendly banter of English being the less “substantial” of my coursework (as opposed to my pre-medical courses), in reality, English is a major contributor to my learning as a whole. In addition to classes that push me to develop my skills and look at things in new ways, the English Department has a massive wealth of resources. In my experience, from joining Sigma Tau Delta (the English Honor Society) to attending the weekly Guest Colloquiums to being offered a position as the student assistant, the department has so much to offer. And it’s not just me! We are a growing, welcoming, friendly community that I am incredibly proud to be a part of.

Why would you encourage a prospective English major to join our community?

As I mentioned, the English community here at CWRU is full of some of the most engaging people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I would always encourage someone to check us out. In addition to the people, I find that English is a truly important area of study. My English major teaches me not only to develop my skills as an analytical reader and thoughtful writer but also to push the bounds of my thinking. Everybody in the department brings something different to the table,  passionate about their work and interests, which means that I’m constantly learning something new. We are taught to think for ourselves and take a stance in this world, instead of simply backing down and accepting outdated ideologies. You’ll also gain a thoughtful, well-rounded advisor and probably meet some of your best friends for life. I know I have.

How has your English major prepared you for life after graduation?

My English Major has prepared me in numerous ways for life after graduation. Through my classes, I am developing my abilities to use my own words most effectively and to better interpret those of others. In addition, the department has and continues to help me every day in connecting with opportunities and people. I have met more undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and guest lecturers in my past year as a declared English Major than I ever would have without it. I have also been able to build my resume, been supported to submit my writing (which won a competition!), and grown so much as a person through connecting with this diverse group of people. I’m a ways away from graduation, but I hope that my courses will keep teaching me to be resilient and open-minded as I continue with endless revision of my writing and thought processes.