Congratulations to the winners of the English Prizes and Scholarships 2024

The Charles E. Clemens Award

For talent and accomplishment in writing

Paris Mather

The Edith Garber Krotinger Prize

For excellence in creative writing

Charlotte Goyal

The Eleanor Leuser Award

For outstanding writing for or about children by a student enrolled in a creative writing course at the university

Hunter Lin, First Prize

Ines Ladonne, Second Prize

The Emily M. Hills Award

For the best poem or essay written by a woman in the College of Arts and Sciences

Gloria Liu, Essay

Hunter Lin, Poetry

The Finley Foster Award

For the best poem or group of poems

Dhruv Shah, First Prize

Veda Velamuri, Second Prize

Ashley Nicholas, Third Prize

The Harriet Pelton Perkins Prize

To an outstanding student majoring in English

Jordan Choi

Lila Schubert

The Helen B. Sharnoff Award

For formal poetry submitted by undergraduate students

Molly McLaughlin, First Prize

Mariana Parilli-Castillo, Second Prize

The Holden Award

For the best English paper written by an upper-class student

Charlotte Goyal, First Prize

Lucas Yang, Second Prize

Karl Lemmerman Award

For the best paper by a first-year student

Estefania Gil Diaz, First Prize

James Gomez Faulk, Second Prize

Spencer Richman, Third Prize

Journalism Award—over 500 words

For best nonfiction story over 500 words

Helen Treseler, First Prize

Carsten Torgeson, Second Prize

Journalism Award—Under 500 words

For best nonfiction story under 500 words

Helen Treseler, First Prize

Veronica Maciag, Second Prize

Journalism Award—Sports

for best sports story

Ansley Yamaato

The Nemet Scholarships

For demonstration of excellence in creative writing

Cora Donoghue

Katherine Gordon

Hunter Lin

Martin McIntosh

Molly McLaughlin

Tiffany Mei

Lalah Saleem

Michaela Thomas

Carsten Torgeson

Anthony Wiles

Albert Wilhelmy