Denna Iammarino


Guilford House 404

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Specialty: Writing Program Faculty

Generally, my research focuses on early modern literature, multimodality, digital rhetoric, and ways of reading, with special attention to how texts shape readerly engagement. More specifically, my work merges my training in 16th-century literature and book history with contemporary issues of digital pedagogy and publishing to consider how changes in communication technology (like the invention of the printing press or the digital turn) impacts what it means to be an author, a text, and a reader.  My courses reflect these interests by juxtaposing elements of 16th-century culture with our contemporary one. In addition to regularly presenting on-going work at international conferences in 16th-century studies and rhetoric and composition studies, I am co-editor of and a contributor to the critical collection entitled John Derricke’s The Image of Ireland, with a Discoverie of Woodkarne: Essays on Text and Contexts (Manchester UP, 2021) as well as a co-creator of a digital edition of The Image