Mary Grimm

Associate Professor

Guilford House 318

Other Information

Specialty: Regular Faculty

What I’ve written: Left to Themselves, a novel, and Stealing Time, a short-story collection.

What I’m working on: The Dead Have Dreams, a novel. My writing has tended to take an urban setting, and to focus on the interior world of relationships and the family, but this novel is about a group of ghost hunters who live in a small Ohio town.

What I teach: I teach fiction writing, with courses both in the short story and the novel, as well as contemporary literature, with a special interest in science fiction. Most recently, I have become fascinated by graphic novels, and am currently teaching a course focusing on their uneasy tension between visual and verbal. What goes on in the classroom is never predictable. I like what happens when one student volunteers an opinion and another student responds and a third chimes in, all of us having thoughts we’ve never had before, and might never have had if we weren’t there together, bending our minds to the consideration of Anna Karenina, The Things They Carried, or The Time Machine.