Narcisz Fejes

Full-time Lecturer


Other Information

Specialty: Special Faculty

Nárcisz Fejes offers classes on the global food system and agriculture with a special emphasis on local and global food security. Her work also extends into studies of representation and identity, Eastern European history, and tourism. Her classes include “Savor: The Ethics and Politics of Eating,” “Passport to Eastern Europe,” and “Global Tourism” among others. She serves as the faculty advisor of CWRU’s Food Recovery Network and enjoys setting up learning opportunities to address real life problems around food inequity, food waste, and food recovery through partnerships with local communities. She was the faculty organizer of CWRU’s Food Symposium from 2017-2020 and received competitive campus grants on food-related educational and community projects.

Nárcisz completed her dissertation at Case Western Reserve University; she conducted her pre-doctoral studies in the United States, Finland, and Hungary. 

Nárcisz is a recipient of various teaching and community service awards. She loves growing food, designing sustainable spaces and gardens, and traveling.