What drew you to English as an area of interest?

I have always been interested in writing and the creative freedom that writing allows. Along with this, I have always loved how writing makes me feel, when I read a book that deeply inspires me, and provides me with newfound perspectives on topics. When I got to Case, I originally declared as a Psychology major, but found myself missing the profound feelings I get from reading and writing. Now that I am set as an English major, I am excited to explore texts of the past and the present, to understand how English as a subject is very important to the world, and to engage in the close knit English community at Case.

 What is it like being an English major at Case in particular, with its perceived focus on the sciences?

Though I have only just now begun to truly dive into the department, already I have enjoyed the intimate nature of the English department, and the abundance of resources to pursue your interests within this field. For me personally, I am excited for all the opportunities to speak with authors, poets, and professors this semester, through events happening throughout the semester at the Guilford house. I am also looking forward to using what I learn in my English classes to help with my studies in my Theater classes and performances throughout the rest of my time at Case, as the English department greatly supports the arts in its curriculum and through events like seeing plays at Playhouse Square. As far as the professors in the English department, they have been some of the best instructors I’ve ever had in my life. Their passions for English have truly resonated with me, and the course material engages you not for the sake of getting a good grade, but because you truly feel its importance and value to the world. Overall, being an English major at Case is a very enriching experience.

Why would you encourage a prospective English major to join our community?

I would encourage prospective English students to join our community because of the freedom the English program at Case provides, and the abundance of opportunities to expand on your learning beyond the classroom. Even if you have different areas of interest in mind as I did, the English major is very flexible and allows you to pursue this academic field if you truly desire it.

How has your English major prepared you for life after graduation?

Though I am still only a sophomore, I have full confidence that the English major at Case will prepare me in the best way possible for life after graduation. I believe that the writing skills, critical reading ability, and understanding of all types of text I’ll gain will be imperative for my projected careers in either journalism or screenwriting and directing. Already, the English major at Case specifically, with the school’s “character” of a STEM-forward institution, has helped me understand the importance of reading and writing in all fields, whether you’re writing the next best selling book or if you’re doing surgery in the emergency room. The world we live in is tied together through the academic field of English in my opinion, and I think I will only become more confident in that statement as I continue the next few years of undergraduate study at Case!