Evidence that an English major is practical:

1) English majors tend to achieve well-paying careers. Midcareer salaries of English majors are equivalent to those of Biology majors and Nursing majors, higher than those of Psychology and Anthropology majors, though lower than those of Engineering or Accounting majors. (source: Wall Street Journal Report on Salaries by College Major)

2) Humanities majors including English have higher acceptance rates to medical school than social science or natural science majors. (source: Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Report)

3) English majors score higher on the GMAT than Business majors. (source: Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Report)

4) Two thirds of CEOs say that the most important skills they look for in college graduates are critical thinking and written communication skills, skills which the English major provides. (source: Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Report and Huffington Post)

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Payscale.com lists their findings on what jobs are most common for BAs with humanities degrees or more specifically “English Language” degrees: http://www.payscale.com/college-salary-report/common-jobs-for-majors/humanities

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