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The English Department at Case Western Reserve promotes intellectual curiosity, analytical inquiry, and creative thinking about the rich variety of fields in our discipline. Building on the passion our students bring to the literary arts, the Department’s faculty encourages the formation of new knowledge through careful examination of both real and imagined worlds.

Our seminars and research explore the craft of poetry, Shakespearean drama, science fictional blueprints for new technologies, the techniques of horror films, the rhetoric of medicine, and the dynamics of novels, plays, short stories and creative non-fiction. Evidence suggests that students wishing to work in one of the fields in our discipline — literature, creative writing, film, journalism, and rhetoric — need not sacrifice passion for practicality.

In addition to serving as a standalone major, English complements majors in other disciplines and serves as excellent preparation for law school, medical school, and business school. There is no better place at a university to learn the art of communication, a skill that informs nearly every profession from teaching literature to computer programming. Our smaller class sizes allow individual attention from distinguished professors who have published acclaimed books and won awards including the Fulbright, the Guggenheim, and the Pulitzer Prize.


Writing Week 2014

Date posted: April 8th, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16th “Stories from the ‘Kingdom of the Sick,’” a lecture by Ann Jurecic (Rutgers University). 1914 Lounge, Thwing Center. 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Published accounts of personal illness are easy to find in the contemporary United States, some might say too easy. We encounter them in books, magazines, and films, in vast quantities […]

Department of English Newsletter: March 2014

Date posted: March 25th, 2014

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In this issue “What Are You Reading?”/Interview with Mary Turzillo (’70)/Faculty at Work/Kate Chopin Story Recovery/Restoring Art Digitally/Alumni News/Digital Grads/Breaking Genre Writers Conference/Gary’s Retirement Party March 2014 “What Are You Reading?” On Friday, January 17th, the spring Colloquium Series kicked off with a roundtable discussion of books read by department members. The roundtable, moderated by […]

This Summer

Date posted: February 21st, 2014

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Breaking Genre: In the Context of Others This is the second annual writers conference sponsored by the Department of English. 2014 Breaking Genre Brochure Register at Eventbrite

Celebrating Gary Stonum’s 40 Plus Years at Nighttown (1-31-14)

Date posted: February 6th, 2014

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    Department of English

Department of English Newsletter: December 2013

Date posted: February 4th, 2014


in this issue Gary Stonum Tribute/Interview with Raymond Keen/Faculty Notes/New Faculty Spotlight:Vinter/Project: Revisiting History/Alumni News/Digital Grads/”Breaking Genre” Writers Conference/African American Alumni Association “The Thirst for New Ideas”: Gary Lee Stonum by James Sheeler Every year on the Sunday closest to Shakespeare’s birthday a small group of hikers gathers at a trailhead inside Cuyahoga Valley National […]